Getting Started with the Post-Match SOAP®

Beginner’s Guide to the Post-Match

The Post-Match Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®) gives eligible residency candidates who go Unmatched or Partially Matched during the Main Residency Match® the opportunity to obtain an available vacant position from NRMP’s® List of Unfilled Programs.

The Post-Match SOAP occurs throughout Match Week. During this time, eligible residency candidates will view the List of Unfilled Programs from NRMP®, research and apply to 45 maximum programs, interview with programs, and participate in Offer Rounds.

When to Start Considering the Post-Match SOAP

While no residency candidate wants to think about not Matching, well-prepared candidates know the Post-Match SOAP could be a possibility--depending on how well their Residency Match Season is going.

You may want to consider preparing for the Post-Match SOAP if you:

  • Struggled to obtain interviews this season
  • Attended less than 10 interviews
  • Won’t be ranking more than 10 residency programs

Match Week and the Post-Match SOAP may feel far away, but it’s important to face the Post-Match head on. Residency candidates who understand the Post-Match and are fully ready to compete will have greater chances than those who did not take the time to prepare for the Post-Match.

Match Week General Overview + Procedure

How to Start Preparing for the Post-Match

Post-Match Fast Facts

The Post-Match SOAP does not include any additional fees after NRMP registration for those who applied to at least one program during the Main Match.
You do not need to enter a Rank Order List to qualify for the Post-Match
IMGs will need their USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores, OET, as well as ECFMG Pathway approval by February 28th, 2024 (the Rank Order List deadline).
Residency candidates may not contact programs during SOAP
You are only allowed a maximum of 45 SOAP applications
The most difficult part of the Post-Match is the first 22 hours