Electronic Residency began in 2005 to provide the most comprehensive Post-Match assistance to residency candidates thrown into the chaos of the Scramble. When the Scramble transitioned to the SOAP in 2012, Electronic Residency remained on the forefront of Post-Match support by adding the Program Compatibility Search (PCS) system, built to be the fastest and easiest way to research residency programs during the Post-Match SOAP®. Electronic Residency proudly remains the only Post-Match SOAP independent support service in residency, dedicated to making the process easier for all residency candidates.

With Electronic Residency, you receive unlimited Post-Match support from preparing for the Post-Match to competing during Match Week. With our resources pages, social media, informational blog, and Support Team, you will have everything you need to rise above the crowd and know that you did your best to obtain success during the Post-Match SOAP.

The PCS is a search engine which compares your Applicant Credentials with our database of residency programs to calculate compatibility. Once you have received the List of Unfilled Programs from NRMP®, simply copy and paste the ACGME 10-digit program code into the PCS system to receive immediate compatibility results.
Electronic Residency accesses a database of over +3,000 ACGME® accredited programs. The database is updated annually to reflect program requirements for the most current Match Season.
Access will last from activation until March 31st the year of The Match®.
No. All applications for the Post-Match SOAP are submitted through ERAS®. Applying to programs outside of ERAS® during the Post-Match SOAP is a violation of NRMP® policy and could result in penalty.
Electronic Residency does not provide residency applicants with the Unfilled List, nor replaces your ERAS application. During The Match® Week, applicants must be SOAP eligible and must have access to NRMP®’s Unfilled List to use the Electronic Residency Post-Match PCS service.
No. Electronic Residency does not offer vacant residency position listings at this time.
Before you purchase access to Electronic Residency, you may change your Applicant Credentials at any time on the Dashboard. After purchase, your IMG status, and USMLE® exam scores will be locked.
While both services can help you during the Post-Match SOAP, Electronic Residency was built specifically to provide Post-Match research support.
Please view the refund policy in our Terms and Conditions.