The Post-Match SOAP Program Compatibility Search System

Electronic Residency is a program compatibility search system created to assist you with quickly identifying compatible programs within your NRMP® List of Unfilled Programs throughout the Post-Match SOAP®. Make the most out of your Post-Match with Electronic Residency.

Dissecting the Post-Match SOAP

The Importance of the First 22 Hours

The first 22 hours of the Post-Match SOAP are crucial to your overall success during the Post-Match. By picking the right programs with requirements you qualify for, you give yourself the best chances of securing a residency position. But, the process is complicated. In less than one full day, you are expected to:

  • 1

    Review the entire List of Unfilled Programs on NRMP®

  • 2

    Research all programs you are interested in

  • 3

    Pick 45 maximum programs without being allowed to contact programs directly for information

  • 4

    Prepare applications for all 45 programs within ERAS® by searching programs, selecting supporting documents, and saving applications

  • 5

    Apply from 11 a.m. on 3/11 to 8 a.m. on 3/12 (EST) in ERAS® to be among the first group of applications programs receive at 8 a.m. on 3/12

With such a short amount of time, residency candidates can end up applying blindly and wasting some of their precious few application opportunities on the wrong programs. Prepared candidates use Electronic Residency to make the most out of their Post-Match application efforts by applying smart.

Introducing the Program Compatibility Search (PCS) System

The quick and simple Program Compatibility Search (PCS) system will help you complete your Post-Match SOAP program research in a fraction of the time, dramatically enhancing how you compete in the Post-Match. With your NRMP® List of Unfilled Programs in hand, you can instantly view your compatibility results for any unfilled residency program and create a list of the strongest 45 programs to apply to during SOAP.

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The Electronic Residency Advantage

Save Time

Every second counts during the Post-Match SOAP and researching programs takes up valuable time. Using Electronic Residency for instant compatibility results will ensure your research is done well in time to be among the first group of applications and have the best chance of being considered by residency programs.

Efficient Application Usage

With SOAP applications limited to a maximum of 45 and limited time to research, it’s up to you to find residency programs with requirements compatible with your professional background. By using the Program Compatibility Search (PCS) system, you have the assurance of knowing you applied to only the strongest program choices.

Peerless Post-Match Support

The Post-Match SOAP can be confusing and difficult to conquer alone. Electronic Residency is proud to offer free guidance and consultation from preparing for the SOAP throughout Match Week. Our additional resources and blog will ensure all of your questions are answered.

Trusted by Residency Candidates

Electronic Residency has been a strong support for residency candidates since its inception in 2005. From the Scramble to the SOAP, thousands of residency candidates have turned to Electronic Residency to help them through the Post-Match SOAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Residency is the only residency program compatibility search service built to help candidates research programs with speed and ease during the Post-Match SOAP.
The first 22 hours of the Post-Match SOAP go by quickly, and residency candidates need to accomplish a lot in a very limited amount of time. Electronic Residency saves you the time and stress of researching programs and facing the Post-Match alone. Signing up with Electronic Residency and entering your credentials will give you access compatibility results for thousands of residency programs.
The PCS is a search engine that compares your Applicant Credentials with a comprehensive database of residency programs to calculate applicant compatibility. Once you have received the list of Unfilled Programs from NRMP®, simply copy and paste the program ACGME code into the system to receive immediate results indicating "Yes" or "No" along with a detailed report of the program’s application requirements.
Yes. International Medical Graduates (IMGs) have more to contend with during the Post-Match SOAP. For this reason, Electronic Residency’s program compatibility information includes requirements specifically for IMGs such as US Clinical Experience and Visas. Electronic Residency’s Support Staff is trained in IMG Match policies and procedures to best guide and instruct IMG candidates.